Instant Identity Verification

Reduce user drop-off with automated, real-time image processing.

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Maximize Growth without Compromising Security

What Berbix Can Do for Your Business

Accelerate Growth

Unlock lost revenue by removing friction in the identity verification process and converting more good users

Deter Fraud

Avoid brand and financial damage with more accurate results

How Berbix Prevents You From Losing Good Customers

“We want to make sure we are reducing fraud, while also making the experience of our user base as frictionless as possible."

Eric Holle @ Neo Financial

Instant Image Processing

ID images are processed in a split second

If the image isn’t good enough, the user is asked to try again in real-time

No waiting for results or restarting the identity verification process

A Multifaceted Approach

Scan an entire ID or just the barcode. Add a selfie scan with liveness checks for added security.

Front ID Scan

1.29 user attempts on average

Barcode Scan

1.4 user attempts on average

Facial Biometrics

1.03 user attempts on average

Berbix In Your Product

Fake ID Detection

Accurately detect fake IDs with Berbix’s multifaceted approach that combines a selfie of a user's face with data extracted from both the human and machine-readable components of the user’s ID.

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Driver Verification

Don’t let different compliance requirements slow down your expansion plans. Create an identity verification flow for each location you operate in.

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Enhanced Due Diligence

Resolve inconclusive results and questions about high-risk consumers with Berbix. Berbix has helped crypto exchanges, neo-banks, and more in the fintech space.

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Easy Implementation

Get Started in Hours, Not Days

Set up Berbix with no code, low code, or a complete integration. Access an out-of-the-box API Library, API endpoints, SDKs for web and native mobile, and more.

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Consultative Setup Process

We’re here for you as you decide where in your product you want to implement Berbix, which verifications you want to accept, reject or manually review, and what key metrics you want to track.

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Trusted Enterprise Solution

HIPAA compliantSOC 2 compliant

We never monetize user data, and we implement rigorous security protocols, including SOC 2 certification and regular third-party security audits.

See how Berbix can help you grow your business and mitigate fraud!

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