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Faster to


verify users


Instantly and accurately validate photo IDs,
driver licenses, and passports

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Users won’t have to wait for their identity verification results, thanks to Berbix’s 2 second response time.

Accelerate Growth

Instantly verify IDs so you can improve customer acquisition flows, quickly perform age verification, and build trust on your platform.


Access a suite of analytics in the Berbix Dashboard to measure revenue health and make better business decisions.

Identity Verification Done Right

Stop losing good customers to outdated verification flows

Real-Time Coaching

  • Berbix guides end-users through the entire identity verification process, coaching them in real time to ensure the images and data they submit is of the highest possible quality. Experience the highest conversion rates without compromising accuracy.

Multifaceted Approach

  • Document identity verification with Berbix combines a biometric scan of a user's face with data extracted from both the human and machine readable components of the user’s ID. Our fully-automated technology is powered by machine learning and doesn’t require human review.

Progressive Verification

  • We perform verifications in real-time at each step of your custom Berbix identity verification flow, so users never have to restart the process or wait for the results.

Easy Implementation

  • Set up Berbix in as little as one afternoon with no code, low code, and complete integration options. We will provide you with an out of the box API Library and SDKs for web and native mobile. 

Custom Configuration

  • Access a rich payload of data that Berbix provides for each transaction, giving you granular control based on your use case without needing to manually review IDs. Configure rules for routing users in Berbix’s easy-to-use customer dashboard.

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Trusted Enterprise Solution

We never monetize user data, and we implement rigorous security protocols, including SOC 2 certification and regular third-party security audits.

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