Instant ID checks

Seamlessly collect and instantly validate photo IDs, driver licenses, and passports.

Validate in seconds

Berbix returns conclusive results in 2 seconds on average to maximize user conversion rates.

Customize your risk tolerance

Specify the level of verification required, types of IDs, business actions to take, and more.

Detect fake & duplicate IDs

Patent-pending fake ID detection to flag bad actors and alerts you when an ID is used across users.

Optimized for conversion

  • Platform agnostic mobile capture

    Mobile handoff seamlessly transitions to smartphone cameras to capture ID images. Automatically reject poor quality images and disallowed identification.

  • Selfie match and liveness check

    Detects if ID photo matches user selfie image and similarities in image and environment.

Built for developers

  • Simple SDKs

    With just a few lines of code, you can implement Berbix in an afternoon across platforms.

  • Robust and complete API

    The Berbix API exposes all data about an ID check with server-side SDKs available in several languages to easily integrate Berbix into your app.

We put privacy and security over profits

All data is stored securely on Google Cloud Platform and is never shared with any third party.


Pricing that scales with you

Pay-as-you-go pricing for growing startups. Contact us for volume discounts and enterprise features.
per month
(100 ID checks included)
  • $0.99/ID check + $0.50/selfie match
  • API & dashboard access
  • Action mappings & review queues
  • Basic email support
  • Image access via API
  • Vaulting service for long-term storage
Get started

  • Volume & committed-use discounts
  • API & dashboard access
  • Action mappings & review queues
  • Dedicated Slack channel & CSM
  • 365-day data retention
  • Vaulting service for long-term storage
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