Announcing our Series A

We started Berbix two and a half years ago in a coffee shop with a spark of an idea, a healthy portion of excitement and a whole lot of optimism. We set out to make the internet, and by extension the world, a safer place by reinventing trustworthy identity verification online and off. We felt there was a huge need for the next generation of online identity and that we were uniquely positioned to make that a reality.

As the former leaders of the Trust & Safety team at Airbnb, identity verification was a key component of our strategy to deter fraud and enhance the trustworthiness of our platform. We worked with every vendor we could find in an effort to increase our verification efficacy. However, we saw firsthand that the solutions that existed left a lot to be desired; they were too expensive, slow, inaccurate and hard to use.

In just a couple years we’ve managed to thrust identity verification into a new era. We provide a consistently fast, reliable and optimized user experience on behalf of our customers. Our pricing is flexible enough to enable our software to be accessible to companies of any size, from two-person startups to publicly traded companies. We’ve built an instant solution with a fraud-focused lens that enables us to catch more fraud than anyone else. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our growth given the increasing need for touchless identity verification.

We’re proud to be able to partner with organizations like the Family Independence Initiative. They are a non-profit that trusts and invests in families' own efforts to escape poverty. Our software has enabled them to eliminate fraudulent applications and focus on the families who have been economically affected by COVID.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed a Series A financing round led by Mayfield Fund with Patrick Salyer joining our board. Patrick has brought a prepared mind to his investment in the identity space and shares our vision of the future. We couldn’t be more excited to have a seasoned investor operator join the team and complement our abilities.

We have a big vision for what Berbix can become. With the additional funds and Patrick’s partnership, we will be able to execute on making that vision a reality faster than we could have ever done otherwise. We’ll be able to grow the team, reinvest in our product and our team and lay the foundation for the future of identity online.

The Berbix team today is smaller than needed to execute on our ambitions. That will have to change as we start tackling ever greater challenges. If you’re interested to be a part of the Berbix story and help reinvent identity with us, take a look at our open job opportunities or say