Meet compliance requirements without compromising customer growth and satisfaction

Stay Compliant Across Jurisdictions

Create different identity verification flows in different locations. Check for an age in one city and a specific ID type in another.

Reduce Overhead Cost

Stop wasting your and your customers’ time by manually reviewing IDs. Berbix is fully automated technology that is powered by machine learning and doesn’t require human review.

Better Conversion, More Revenue

Don’t lose potential riders or renters to long wait times. Remove friction in the signup process by returning identity verification results in 2 seconds.

We’re here to help make it easier to support micromobility in your city.

“Roll’s goal is to grow responsibly, in conjunction with the rules of local governments and community leaders. As the industry is becoming more competitive, offering ID verification makes our proposal stronger.”

Arda Erturk

Co-Founder, Roll Scooters

Simple Setup.
Effortless Expansion

Global Coverage

We can check IDs across the world, from Mexico to the United Kingdom. When you’re ready to expand, we’ll take the journey with you.

Easy Implementation

Set up Berbix anywhere within your customer lifecycle with no code, low code, or a complete integration in as little as one afternoon. Choose from a backend API, out-of-the-box API Library, or SDKs for web and native mobile.

See how Berbix can help you check IDs and grow your customer base.

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