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Keep your users safe and grow your community by ensuring users are actually who they say they are. Scammers damage your community by posting fake listings or malicious content. To build trust, companies need to instantly verify online identities without additional friction to the user experience.

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More Accurate Than Legacy Providers

“'Without Berbix’s barcode analysis it was never definitive if an ID was fake. Thanks to Berbix, we now have much more efficient roadblocks in place to prevent bad actors.”

Natalie Robles, ShareGrid

Purpose Built for Marketplace Communities

Instant Online ID Verification

Complete the online identity verification process in milliseconds with full AI-driven automation. With instant, reliable, and accurate online ID verification, Berbix increases user conversion and minimizes fraud by catching fake IDs with more accuracy than anyone else.

Increase Onboarding Conversion

Leverage the machine readable zone to extract data optimally. No risk of human error. Lost conversion results in loss of revenue and growth. Businesses want real identities, not just user names.

Reduce Fraud to Build Trusted Relationships

A data-centric approach to detecting fake IDs enables Berbix to catch 4x more fake IDs than established competitors. More than ever, companies need to build trusted online relationships to acquire customers faster, grow their lifetime value, and create advocates.

With Berbix’s data-driven approach, organizations build trusted digital relationships, at scale in a fast and reliable way.

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