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Learn how Berbix helps companies ensure safety without compromising growth.


PitchIt Podcast: Eric Levine and Berbix

Berbix CEO and Co-Founder Eric Levine discusses how the pandemic has impacted fraud, the complicated nature of IDs, synthetic identity fraud, raising capital, and more.

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Berbix as Told by Garry Tan

Hear Garry Tan and Amuse's take on how Berbix provides businesses a way to validate IDs without losing any customers during the identity verification process.

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Masterclass: Fighting Scammers Online

Every business in the world is moving online— and the smarter founders can be about building Trust and Safety within their companies, the faster that will happen.

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Deep Dive into the Darkside: How to Reduce Fraud with IDV

Learn how the latest developments in ID verification have been working to combat bad actors and prevent fraud.

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A Modern approach to ID verification for Ecommerce

Hear how George Durzi, Co-founder of Amuse, grew revenue while adhering to government regulations with a modern, automated approach to ID verification.

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KYC Compliance for Fintech

Join online ID verification experts: Garry Tan, Steve Kirkham, and Alec Randall, as they discuss how to create the best possible experience for financial services customers while reducing fraud.

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E-Books & White Papers

Berbix Balancing Act: A Guide to Growing without Compromising Security

Fintech is experiencing an explosion of growth as it shakes up the banking business. But what steps should fintech institutions take to keep growth levels high, while keeping their company and customers safe?

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Checking the IDs of Age-Restricted Goods Customers – Without Chasing Them Away

Checking IDs when selling age-restricted goods is too often time-consuming and confusing. Your business deserves better. Learn how businesses reduce cart abandonment and win more customers with Berbix.

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Auth0 & Berbix: Best-in-class Identity Verification & Authentication

Combine the authentication and identity verification process for the best customer experience.

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KYC Done Right with Alloy and Berbix

Build a customized workflow that helps you reduce fraud with less friction for your customers.

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