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Meet KYC and AML compliance requirements without losing good customers

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Identity Verification that’s Fast and Secure

Simplify and expedite the identity verification process across new account openings, mortgage applications, wealth management, money transfers, high risk transactions, crowdfunding, credit card processing, remote onboarding, and KYC/AML compliance.

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More Accurate Than Legacy Providers

“When a customer wants to apply online for a credit or savings product, they have to go through Berbix. It makes us much more confident that we’re dealing with a genuine customer.”

Eric Holle, Neo Financial

A solution that helps you avoid your worst compliance nightmares.

Faster Account Opening

Complete the online identity verification process in milliseconds with full AI-driven automation. Berbix increases user conversion and minimizes fraud by catching fake IDs with more accuracy than anyone else.

Lower Your Cost of Acquisition

Reduce costly manual reviews and meet your KYC, AML, and GDPR compliance requirements.

Fight Fraud

Prevent anti-money laundering, account takeovers, and identity and impersonation fraud. Berbix biometrics guide users through the selfie process so we can accurately check for face match, spoofing detection and liveness check.

With Berbix’s data-driven approach, organizations build trusted digital relationships, at scale in a fast and reliable way.

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