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More Accurate Than Legacy Providers

Berbix is something I don’t have to think about. It’s always there and it’s always working.”

– George Durzi, CTO & Co-founder, Amuse

Purpose built for Ecommerce

With Berbix, retail merchants achieve higher conversion rates while mitigating fraud risk and delivering great user experiences. No matter what you sell online, protecting your genuine users from fraud is key, especially when it comes to account takeover. Verify users at critical points in their journey to minimize the risk of chargebacks.

Increase Conversion

Maximize revenue and increase conversion as users complete the online identity verification process in milliseconds with full AI-driven automation. Simplify and expedite the identity verification process to reduce abandonment during checkout.

Mitigate Risk

Berbix catches more fake IDs than any other provider. Between 1-3% of IDs used in online transactions are known fake IDs. Prevent card fraud and protect high-value transactions.

Reduce Fraud

Patent-pending fake ID checks catch duplicate IDs across users. Prevent users attempting to exploit promo codes for their own fraudulent gains.

With Berbix’s data-driven approach, organizations build trusted digital relationships, at scale in a fast and reliable way. Berbix helps companies increase their ability to instantly and accurately ensure users are actually who they say they are.

Berbix helps you to create the most trusted space on the internet.