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From cryptocurrency to age-restricted goods, confirming an individual’s identity has become commonplace. Hospitality is another industry that’s incorporating identity verification at every corner—from hotels, to home rentals.

Berbix recently talked to three members of the inbound sales team at Zeus Living, a national business that provides furnished, flexible rentals for business and personal travel. Zeus Living has been working with Berbix for a few years now, but with plans to grow this year, quick and accurate identity verification is more important than ever. 

Why Berbix? 

Before Berbix, Zeus Living was relying on a legacy document identity verification provider that (at the time) lacked liveness checks. Zeus Living knew that if they were going to leverage and pay for document identity verification software, one that was automatic, accurate, and included liveness checks was necessary. The product and sales leadership teams then decided to purchase Berbix in order to elevate security. Berbix’s easy user interface (UI) was also a deciding factor. 

After purchase, the product team at Zeus Living worked with Berbix to complete implementation. The inbound sales team was then trained to use Berbix, since ID verification is a part of every single long-term rental sales process. Before Zeus Living confirms a stay, the individual paying for the reservation is prompted to verify their identity. Today, the inbound sales team has access to Berbix and regularly logs in to review the verifications of their customers. 

The Impact 

Many individuals who want to rent a Zeus Living home use Berbix to verify their identity. Berbix’s end-user experience meets Zeus Living’s expectations for customer satisfaction, according to Giancarlo Zerega, Senior Bookings Associate.  

“The Berbix experience is so seamless that I rarely hear about it. For every 20 reservations, we may have one end-user express frustration about identity verification.”  

For individuals that may not have as much tech experience, Giancarlo usually walks them through the booking, including the Berbix document identity verification process. This is when he’s most appreciative of how seamlessly incorporated the Berbix flow is with Zeus Living’s website.

The Trust Factor 

Zeus Living employees routinely review every transaction that is completed via Berbix. For transactions that pass, Zeus Living said they have 99.8% confidence that the transaction is indeed correct. 

“It’s hard for me to remember even one instance of a verification that was approved by Berbix that we later overturned,” said Casey Vickers, Inbound Sales Lead.  

Zeus Living set up Berbix to be extra cautious, which means that they do manually override some IDs that are initially rejected. In most cases, this is because of a user error during a selfie process. In those instances, Zeus Living simply asks the user to repeat the verification process (and answers any questions they may have beforehand!). Other IDs that are rejected are because of the different flags set up in Zeus Living’s action maps, such as ID expiration dates and fake IDs with barcodes that don’t scan properly. 

Thanks to Berbix’s liveness checks and accuracy, Zeus Living has a high level of confidence and trust in the residents they host. 

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