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Driver Verification


Silvercar by Audi uses Berbix to verify customer IDs, preventing fraud and enabling employees to focus on growing the business.

Renting cars isn’t a no-risk business. Cars rented at Silvercar by Audi were rented under stolen credit cards, returned late, or stolen.

Silvercar needed a clear way to deter bad actors without putting too much pressure on their employees. And they turned to Berbix, an instant and automated ID verification solution, to do the job.


Founded in 2012, Silvercar pioneered the “touchless” car rental experience. Silvercar by Audi offers no-hassle, no-paperwork car rentals, features like free in-car Wi-Fi, free premium car seats, and a luxury, all-Audi fleet. As Silvercar continues to grow, they knew they needed to incorporate an ID check solution that helped deter bad actors while aligning with their mission of providing customers a hassle-free car rental experience.

“One of our hypotheses going in was: we’re going to send these verifications to fraudsters, and they are just going to drop out of the funnel entirely,” said Silvercar.


Before Berbix, Silvercar concierges would manually inspect every renter’s drivers license. Concierges would check that the renter was of-age, and the information on the ID matched both the credit card and profile information provided. If everything looked good, Silvercar would charge the renter’s card and hand them the keys to a silver Audi. These manual checks, however, weren’t always accurate. IDs can look very different state-to-state, and it can be difficult to know what to look for when trying to verify a legitimate ID.

“We saw people coming in with very legit looking cards, and not always from in-state. We didn’t  know what to look for on all these licenses,” says Silvercar.

Silvercar employees also didn’t always have time to thoroughly inspect customer credentials, missing obvious fraud signals. And they lacked the expertise to confidently determine when someone was providing falsified information, so even the most suspect renters weren’t turned away.

Despite their best efforts, Silvercar was unable to find a solution that aligned with their service standards while still discouraging fraudsters– and took the pressure of verifying customer IDs off of their concierges’ plates. That’s when Silvercar found Berbix.


Berbix’s instant and automated ID check solution gives Silvercar employees the ability to quickly verify customers without needing to verify the IDs themselves, deterring fraudsters and letting employees focus on business-focused tasks.

Quick ID Verification

Silvercar implemented Berbix’s instant and fully automated ID checks to remove error-prone guesswork. Selfie and liveness verifications act as the ultimate deterrent to any fraudsters trying to rent with Silvercar.

Deterring Fraud

Silvercar believed that one of the best ways to protect their business was by having an ID verification solution:

“One of our hypotheses going in was: we’re going to send these verifications to fraudsters, and they are just going to drop out of the funnel entirely,” said Silvercar. “They’re not going to want to take a photo of their face, and they’re not going to show up to rent the car. So we’re not going to have to deal with them at all.”

Since implementing Berbix, Silvercar has had fewer fraud attempts. When someone has tried to defraud them, fewer of those incidents have resulted in stolen cars. Silvercar is also able to share the information they have around fraudsters with other car rental companies in their area. This has enabled more businesses to protect themselves from would-be bad actors.

For Silvercar’s operations team, defensive wins like this mean less stress for their concierges, less time filing police reports, and fewer stolen cars.


Silvercar uses Berbix at all of their locations, and has seen significant benefits to how Berbix fits in with the experience they want to provide customers.

“It’s a great customer experience. We have a cool app that enables you to seamlessly unlock the car, and Berbix is more in line with that experience of our brand than handing over your ID.”


Berbix’s ID verification is a tool that can help micromobility companies grow while minimizing risk. The features built into Berbix give Silvercar employees the confidence that their renters are who they say they are while freeing up their time to focus on mission-critical tasks.

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