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Amuse uses Berbix to serve only verified customers, keeping their employees safe and their business compliant.

Selling cannabis can bring some degree of risk to sellers and users. Amuse knew they needed to balance staying compliant across the state of California by ensuring no underage folks were using their services. At the same time, they needed to make sure the age verification process wasn’t so tedious that folks dropped off.

Amuse looked for a solution that would help them instantly and automatically verify IDs– leading them to Berbix!


Amuse is a legal cannabis delivery company, enabling folks in California to order cannabis right from their phone and have it delivered to their doorstep within a few hours. As Amuse continues to grow, they’ve focused on making the age verification process seamless– giving their customers a better, faster experience and keeping their drivers safe.

“Our drivers are often carrying product or cash worth thousands of dollars,” says George Durzi, a co-founder who also serves as Amuse’s Chief Technology Officer. “Protecting them is essential. We take this very seriously. A lot of what we did with our platform was DIY. But once we made the call to Berbix, it was a slam dunk as to what our security solution should be.”


Staying compliant means ensuring no one under the age of 21 is using Amuse to purchase cannabis products. These ID checks are paramount to the business– confirming who their drivers would be delivering to helped keep those employees, many of whom carry considerable amounts of cash and product, safe.

As Amuse assembled its technology, company leaders realized they would need to embed it with measures that would protect its staff, particularly its delivery drivers. Not long after it began taking orders, Amuse tapped the Berbix verification system as the key security ingredient in its platform.


Berbix’s instant and automated ID check solution gives Amuse the ability to check a person’s ID with a selfie they take with their mobile device– verifying their identity in seconds. Unlike other ID verification solutions, Berbix immediately accepts or rejects a person’s ID and selfie. This instant turnaround enables Amuse to more quickly serve their legitimate customers and helps deter would-be fraudsters and bad actors.


Before Berbix was fully implemented throughout Amuse, Amuse faced three security incidents. Since expanding Berbix to cover all aspects of company services, these security incidents have ceased. Amuse drivers check customer ID cards for every single delivery, and these instant and automatic ID checks run through Berbix help keep them safe.

“Berbix does the work. There’s confidence that there’s a real person on the other end of the online transaction and we supplement that with a two-factor verification process,” says Amuse.


Implementing Berbix into their current workflow was an easy and simple process. The Amuse team was able to get up and running almost immediately, using the Berbix platform throughout their entire company. This quick implementation time meant the Amuse team could start using Berbix quickly– giving them back their peace of mind.

“A rejection from Berbix isn’t something that we override,” says Durzi. “I’m not aware of a single instance when a Berbix rejection was wrong.”
Detecting Fake IDs

Berbix is an intuitive ID check solution that walks users through checking their ID– lowering the chance for user error. And when bad actors attempt to access Amuse, Berbix easily catches these fake IDs or incorrect information by zeroing in on the ID’s machine-readable zone. Berbix also gives Amuse the power to customize how they respond to rejections, including manual review. Amuse has confidence in the system and implicitly trusts the determinations Berbix makes.

“A rejection from Berbix isn’t something that we override,” says Durzi. “I’m not aware of a single instance when a Berbix rejection was wrong.”


In addition to protecting against fraud and theft, Berbix has been a key partner in Amuse’s growth. Amuse has grown from four employees in January 2020 to 250 in 2021, with plans to serve an additional 3 major metro areas in California.


Berbix’s ID verification is a tool that can help e-commerce companies grow their revenue while minimizing risk, Durzi says. Scaling with you, Berbix’s speed and accuracy are a complement to expansion. And because Berbix ID instantly and automatically verifies IDs, less than 10 percent of Amuse customers abandon their transaction at the ID verification step.

As Amuse looks to grow beyond its southern California market, it will continue to look to Berbix for help, Durzi says. The system’s consistent performance and availability make it easier to plan out a future marked by steady growth.

“Berbix is something I don’t have to think about,” Durzi says “That’s probably the highest compliment I could give a service provider. It’s always there and it’s always working.”

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